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...In der fundamentalen Stimmung des Schreckens haben wir dieses Ereignis in unserem Wesen erreicht, dank dessen nichts offenbart wird und worauf die Frage gestellt werden sollte.
Martin Heidegger, 1927

Petroglyphs, 2013

Petroglyphs, 2013


The writings #1, 2013

C-type photographic print
100 x 150 cm

If you look carefully you can see that the wall is divided by deformation seams and looks like separate writings with hieroglyphs painted with white color on the plaster.
Such inscription can belong to the hand of four-eyed Cang Jie who was a philosopher, knew the language of birds and medicinal properties of the plants and was the inventor of Chinese writing according to one of the legends...

2013, author of project: V.Korzhov
2013, photographer: Dm.Kilpio