Being and Time I

Being and Time I


Being and Time #6, 2018

C-type photographic print on barite paper
100 × 150 cm

Time is defined by the mechanical movement of the stars.

Being is a timeless reality. Time cant be beaten, but you can understand it through the study of being. Art is a graceful instrument for the studying of this process.

This project tells viewers about the Heavenly Geometry of cosmic bodies. Photographs of galactic accumulations, nebulae and meteorite belts take on sculptural, material guises.

The art objects presented turn into cosmic molds that present the visible forms of universal existence to the viewer. Placing these works in everyday reality, the author demonstrates a cosmic, sublime law within a perceptual system that is familiar to the viewer.

The sculptural constructions are an attempt by the artist to show the heavenly formation of new forms that exists beyond our conceptions of time and being.

2018, author of project: V.Korzhov
2018, photographer: Dm.Kilpio
2018, text: Kirill Alexeev